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1. Hemp and Marijuana are the same thing.

FALSE! They are from the same family, but they are NOT the same! Although to the untrained eye they may look similar but that is only because they are related, not the same.


2. You need a Medical card to by Hemp and CBD oil.

FALSE! No medical card required to buy Hemp oil or CBD oil. CBD derived from Hemp is 100% legal in the USA.


3. Hemp extract oil and Hemp seed oil are the same.

FALSE! Hemp oil and Hemp seed oil are not the same thing. Hemp seed oil is when the seeds ONLY repressed to produce an oil. High in Amino acids, Omegas, and numerous other health benefits, it not the same. Hemp Extract oil is typically made from the whole plant. Containing photo-cannabinoids in the whole plant is where we see the medicinal benefits.


4. Hemp gets you high.

FALSE!! Hemp does NOT get you high. Hemp contains little to no THC (THC being the cannabinoid that gives you the feeling of "highness"). Hemp contains high percentages of CBD, which is amazing since we are finding CBD to be one of the most exciting new dietary supplements. Again, Hemp and Marijuana are NOT the same thing.


5. Hemp has little-to-no additional use.

FALSE!! Just to highlight one of the benefits of Hemp; it absorbs almost everything that is inside the soil which it is planted in. For almost 2 decades Hemp has been planted on the shores of Chernobyl to help pull toxicity from the soil.