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Northern Colorado hemp trade show

We Spent a great weekend back in April at the NOCO HEMP trade show in Loveland Colorado. We flew in from Reno, landing in Denver later in the evening on Thursday. We were expecting sunny skies with warm temperatures, but we were met by dark ominous clouds. The nice gentleman from the car rental company informed us of snow flurries the following day, so we obliged at the complementary upgrade to the 4x4. We are used to crazy weather and lots of snow! But not while driving a compact car..ha.

We started our adventure at a large warehouse where they culture and grow algae. We have friends in the industry in Colorado and they welcomed us with a tour of their entire facility. It was extremely interesting learning about all of the different copepods and sea lettuce. We are hoping to partner up with future products.

After this great tour we headed to our accommodations and prepared for the busy day ahead of us.

We started the day with coffee and a very cold interdiction to this Friday morning. When we arrived at the show there was a line out the door to get inside for people who pre ordered tickets. But a VERY short line to buy tickets at the door. Excitement for NOT being fully prepared was a new feeling! We ran right inside and warmed up right away once we walked through the doors. Hundreds of people already buzzing around at 10am. What a rush!

We met people who grow hemp, process hemp, sell hemp oil, make hemp food, create CBD products, isolate other Cannabinoids.. it was truly amazing. Feeling blown away with the amount of support and positivity we all were experiencing from fellow HEMP supporters was amazing. We walked away from NOCO HEMP show more motivated then we thought possible. The industry is headed in such a life changing direction, we hope you can be part of such an amazing experience.