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How to Deal with a Stressful Pet Situation

How to deal with pet stress you ask? I don’t know how many times I have come home to a torn up pillow or what we have deemed our 130 lb. Malamute LambChop's “pitty poo”. What is a “pitty poo” you ask? Our dog had extreme anxiety. Even after countless walks, exercise, time spent one-on-one, this animal as soon as we walk out the door he would take a dump somewhere in the house and then put something on top of it in order to hide it. Knowing he didn’t actually need to go potty, we understood he was doing this out of spite that we were leaving. We felt so bad. This poor animal, who would only be left alone for an hour or two at a time, was destroying our house. Turning up the carpet and breaking through windows. Enough was enough and we finally decided to try CBD for anxiety.


Originally our vet had prescribed our dog Xanax. Yes, you read that correctly; Xanax for a dog. I personally wasn’t into pharmaceuticals and I felt horrible giving it to her, so we wanted to try a different route.

CBD seems to be the answer her friends were suggesting that was helping their pets on a daily basis. Sure enough, the anxiety-ridden 140 lb. puppy, once given CBD, was living in the clouds. Not in any kind of high sort of way—just happy. A little bit more carefree and not so anxious when we were leaving the house. He seemed to turning into a whole new dog. It was amazing seeing the effect of an anxiety-free dog.