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Will Hemp Oil Extract get me high?

Our products will not get you high! There are no active amounts of psychoactive cannabinoids in Plus One Hundreds products.

Is Hemp the same thing as Marijuana/Pot?

No. Hemp and Marijuana are not the same. There are are more like siblings. Similar, but MUCH different.

Is Hemp legal?

Yes. Hemp is legal in all 50 States.

How do I know what is in my product?

All of our Hemp at Plus One Hundred has been 3rd party tested to assure both our customers and ourselves that our products never contains pesticides or unwanted chemicals.

How do CBD drops (Tincture) work?

Apply desired dosage under tongue. The longer it stays under your tongue the more absorbency your body will manage. Sublingually is one of the best ways to administer as it go directly into your blood stream. It does not have to pass through your gut nor does it get filtered out by the liver.

How should I take CBD oil?

You can find CBD in many forms. We suggest some of the following: Tincture, Capsule, Oil, Lotion, Vape Pen are a few.

How much should I use?

It all depends on YOU. What are you combating? Do you need a consistent supply or a only on occurrence of undesirable aliment? How should you administer it? All things to consider before choosing your dosage amount and administration technique.

How do I know if CBD is right for me?

Our bodies have reactors specifically made of cannabinoids. Dogs, cats you name it all have cannabinoid receptors inside of them. It's almost like we are made to use these cannabinoids! Cannabinoids are therapeutic chemical compounds.

Why do people use CBD Hemp oil extract?

What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid found inside the Hemp plant. It can be found usually as an oil extract, a isolate (crystal), or a power. CBD is used for its therapeutic benefits. CBD has no psychoactive effects and is 100% legal when derived from Hemp. It has been one of the most studied Cannabinoid besides THC. We suggest talking with your health care provider or medical professional before you decide to try CBD. They can provide youth more information. If you do have any questions, we will be happy to try and answer them for you.

Why THC-Free?

We want you to feel confident that you will be safe and protected when using Plus100 products. With our guarantee of a full-spectrum, 100% THC-free line of CBD oil, you can rest assure that you will have nothing to worry about. If you are in the military, law-enforcement, or in a position where THC concentration could potentially be an issue, Plus100 is the answer. Formulated specifically for its beneficial properties, we are excited to announce the first ever THC-free, full-spectrum line of CBD Drops. Medicate safely!

What is THC-Free?

We are excited to announce that our full line of CBD Tincture Drops are 100% THC-free. With full-spectrum being all the rage, we still carry drops and CBD products filled with a multitude of cannabinoids. With our CBD, you will be sure to receive 100% organic CBD with no fillers and no altered ingredients. As the only company carrying lab-tested, 100% THC-free full-spectrum oil, you can know exactly what you are getting—no risk of a failed drug test—no risk of interference with other pharmaceuticals.