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What is a Cannabinoid?

People often ask, What is a Cannabinoid? A cannabinoid is ONE in a class of chemical compounds that act on receptors inside our cells. Those cells then alter the release in neurotransmitters which are found in the brain. Neurotransmitters are often synthesized by things such as Amino acids which we often get in our daily diet. Neurotransmitters play a very large role in our every day lives, shaping our day to day functions. Cannabinoids interact with our body's central nervous system, and with each cannabinoid producing a unique reaction and different results.

Cannabinoids have been known to take on some big aliments. Studies show that CBG promotes cell death in Cancer cells and inhibiting tumor growth in mice. CBC found in more topical creams shows signs of reducing cell growth in breast cancer xenoplants in mice. Something else interesting is that cannabinoids are not only found in cannabis plants. They are also found in Echinacea pants, Electric daisies (Acmella oleracea), over 600 species of Sunflowers, and a plant called Radula Marginata which is widely found in New Zeland!

Over 113 diffrent Cannabinoids have been found in the Cannabis plant. This is actually where Plus One Hundred found its name. Wanting to open the doors to the many different beneficial cannabinoid that are out there. CBD and THC being the most well known cannabinoids that have been discovered. We now have CBN, THCa, CBG, CBV just to name a few. All effects us in different ways. We can only begin to imagine the countless medicinal effects of these cannabinoids.